🍇 wê & üs 🍋 about 🍉 projects 

is a creative lab founded by dr kit braybrooke & sophie huckfield, working globally since 2020 to explore co-creation for systems change.

our members apply an intersectional feminist* lens to their work, influenced by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to explore the systems of power that reinforce conditions of inequality, isolation and exclusion, and seek new means of inviting transformation.  

our methods range from socially-engaged art and transmedia storytelling, to service design and public interventions. these collaborations look a lot like the symbiosis of lichens, fungi and algae: “a lichen is not a single organism; it is an association of many”.

recent highlights have included:
  1. building sustainable and care-full futures;
  2. re-mapping the possibilities and participants of public spaces;
  3. creating safe environments in/across digital worlds;
  4. decolonising and culturejamming cultural collections;
  5. rituals, exchanges & rewildings that explore our multispecies interconnections.

to discuss a potential project, feel very welcome to drop us an email. you’re also invited to join art / tech / nature / culture, an inbox community for creatives across disciplines engaged in ecological regeneration.

let’s evolve from a society of 'me' to one of us. ✊

lab members

kit braybrooke
sophie huckfield
sophie bullock 
iryna zamuruieva

carmen salas (incoming 2024)
katrin fritsch (incoming 2024)
molly bonnell (incoming 2024)
hanna cho (incoming 2024)

emily warner (incoming 2024)

sarah graham(incoming 2024)

clients & partners 

auckland city council, NZ
aotearoa festival of architecture, NZ
arts connect, UK
BC council for intl cooperation, CA
birkbeck university of london, UK
british council ukraine, UA
british council united kingdom, UK
british council china, CH
british museum, UK
care-full design lab, RMIT, AU
centre for contemporary art, UK
commons, UA
counterpoints arts, UK
crafts council, UK
create ireland, IE
depot artspace, NZ
design museum, UK
humboldt-universität zu berlin, DE
izolyatsia, UA
just wondering…, EU
king’s college london, UK
london college of fashion, UAL, UK
loughborough university, UK
maker circle 创客圈, CN
modern clay, UK
mozilla foundation, UK
museum of vancouver, CA
simon fraser university, CA
splice, NZ
summerhall, SCT
tate gallery, UK
university of birmingham, UK
university of sussex, UK
uroboros festival, CZ
vancouver public library, CA
virtual futures, UK
victoria & albert museum, UK
wellcome trust, UK