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kit braybrooke
in collaboration with many

featured in:
together, we dance alone: building a collective toolkit for creatives in a pandemic’. interactions 27 (4): 68–71.
the feminist finance syllabus, INCA amsterdam & amateur cities, october 2020
what can designers do to respond to covid?’, university of the arts london (UAL), april 2020
'new arts & humanities projects at the forefront of COVID-19 response', king’s college london, april 2020
‘furtherlist #19’, furtherfield, april 2020
team picks: working with artists’, university of exeter arts & culture, april 2020
'covid-19 resources and funding for artists & freelancers', watts gallery artists village, may 2020
crowdsourced tools & methods’, methods lab, goldsmiths university, may 2020

the #covidcreativestoolkit was a crowdsourced mutual aid compilation of free & open source resources, from digital gathering and organising tools to syllabi, that were curated by creative practitioners to support other creatives going digital in a crisis.

the toolkit began as an open call initiated by kit in the early days of social distancing around covid-19 in 2020. she was soon joined by sophie huckfield, 30 other curators and countless unnamed contributors worldwide, who came to it from across the arts, technology, community, academia, and gig work. together, they built an open archive of mutual aid resources for creative practitioners (from artists and makers to curators and educators) who found themselves needing to migrate their practice onto digital spaces, and quickly.

the kit’s 7 sections reflected on the virus’s going-digital requirements, from co-creation tools to zoom dance parties, collective action platforms, self-care apps and other much-needed offerings that promoted well-being. in doing so, the kit provided many of us with an example of what crowdsourced solidarity could look like.