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art exchange
vancouver, canada & global
aug 2021 - current

kit braybrooke
christina gibson

the tectonic wanderer is an ongoing art exchange which explores how people can engage with the ancient tradition of commoning, where resources - such as forests, water, artworks and software - are collectively shared and exchanged over time in kinship groups.

each wanderer is a one-of-a-kind artwork co-created with the granite rock population of british columbia using upcycled materials. having emerged from the earth’s crust 100 million years ago, the wanderers have invited 35 guardians around the world to take them on their everyday journeys. when their time together has come to an end, each wanderer is passed on to a new guardian, continuing their travels in new terrains.  

the locations of the current cohort of wanderers can be followed on a regularly-updated map here, and it is also possible for new participants to request a wanderer of their own.

photo credits: wanderer guardians, global