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digital build & strategy
london, UK and global
april-september 2014

kit braybrooke

in collaboration with:
rachel gadsden
abigail norris

featured in:
the incorrigibles: perspectives on disability visual arts in the 20th and 21st centuries

unbound global غير مقيد was a digital community archive that kit designed for the award-winning artist rachel gadsden and filmmaker abigail norris, with development funding from THE SPACE.

in this project, the artists asked participants across the middle east and beyond to share how they had addressed the transformations of identity associated with international migration, disabilities and other challenges in their lives by illustrating their experiences through creative mediums.

the artists explored in particular whether the anxieties that people sometimes experienced when encountering unfamiliar places could be explored through creative practice, by making ‘different ways of seeing’ visible. the project launched in 2015, and continues through rachel’s global work to foster creativity amongst marginalised and vulnerable groups.

photo credit: shamal, lakeside arts