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workshop for SHOT
in collaboration with artscience museum 
singapore, SG
june 2016 

kit braybrooke
sally jane norman

workshop made possible thanks to a santander mobility grant, the generosity of the artscience museum and its wonderful rainbow room, and the 2015 society of the histories of technology (SHOT) conference. 

building on exchanges between national university of singapore (NUS), the university of sussex humanities lab, and local maker and academic communities in singapore, kit & sally jane organised this co-creation workshop to invite people to reanimate neglected technological artifacts from their daily lives through participatory design & speculative futuring.

through material engagements rooted in peer learning approaches, workshop participants built alternative technological futures together, and fostered lasting interdisciplinary networks. this was an especially diverse and inspiring group to work with, hailing from singapore, malaysia, indonesia, great britain, france, germany, bulgaria, czechia, canada and new zealand, and representing a variety of academic & arts institutions including nanyang technical university, lasalle college of the arts, the sustainable living lab, national design centre, fabcafe singapore, betwixt festival, and makerfaire singapore.