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online workshop series
may - dec 2021

sophie huckfield
sophie bullock 
kit braybrooke 
DIGITAL CLINIC was a virtual learning experience created in 2021 for the use of four different kinds of arts organisations working across ireland: create, arts and disability ireland, bealtaine: age and opportunity, and waterford healing arts trust.

this online series offered digital literacy training around core issues faced by creatives on the web: ethical decision-making, access, security, data, privacy, resistance & power. we explored digital tools for a variety of creative and community contexts, taking a critical look into the possibilities of digital platforms - and their limitations - across hybrid environments. participants were offered a series of ethical scenarios to analyse, while exploring key spaces of digital resistance, from commoning to open source cultures, which attempt to challenge the hegemony of corporate platforms.

as part of the series, we developed a compendium of open source resources for the use of the organisations, including a digital terms glossary, a digital tools database, and a digital clinic inspirations board on padlet, which all participants were invited to co-create.