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taylor digital studio
tate britain gallery, UK

kit braybrooke
luca damiani

featured in:
empowering debate via art + culture + tech”, how to mozfest: 10 years of activism, community and collaboration, mozilla, london, 2019
temporary shared machines: an open discussion with tate, hacked”, interdisciplinary art/tech, international electronic visualisation & the arts, 2018
“open source methods at the tate gallery”, guest lecture, dept of design futures, university of the arts (UAL), london, apr 2015 

in this pilot research project in partnership with mozilla and tate learning, the aim was to develop a shared platform of knowledge about how creative practices could promote digital literacy, in ways that linked cultural heritage with new technologies.

together, the artists experimented with a diverse array of digital and material mediums, from open source tools to critical making interventions, to see how publics could engage with cultural collections in the tradition of open access, remix and reuse cultures.  

project outputs included a design research workshop series that explored open source tools with the tate collective youth group, and a customised teaching kit for educators that featured hands-on activities for both youth and adult learners, which inspired remix challenges and other projects at museums around the world, from MoMA to the portland art museum.