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a new issue for a magazine about a just and sustainable internet

katrin fritsch
fieke jansen
maya richman
katherine waters

available as a digital magazine

photo credits: 
magazine cover / la bruja RISO
flower image / kira simon-kennedy

this multilingual editon of the magazine BRANCH collated different perspectives that critiqued technocapitalism and technological solutionism, and envisioned pathways for just transition to sustainable and equitable infrastructures.

from the editors: “as a place of both resistance and rest, the walled garden provided our meeting with a space to breathe and think differently about the entrenched challenges we are facing as a planet, exacerbated by capitalist and extractive technologies. in this edition, you will find pieces born of those conversations, grouped into four sections. they represent different voices from the burgeoning community of researchers, practitioners, and funders whose work on technocapitalism, just transition, and sustainable and equitable infrastructures envisions tech in the service of equitable climate action.”